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Howdy, My name is Elle Gamboa. I’m a web developer from Los Angeles. I loved building sites and I build them with WordPress. I blog about the web, SEO, and WordPress around here. I teach people around the world ( well not just  yet ) how to blog and create their own websites. My goal is to teach people WordPress in all 50 states of the union.

I’m back in Southern California teaching a couple of WP Bootcamps till the end of September.  I was hoping to snag a ticket from LA Wordcamp  but no luck. LA WordCamp was so popular in 2014 that this year tickets were sold out in 10 ten hours.

Well okay, new stuff happening in the world of WordPress and programming. WP 4.3.1 is out and it fix 26 bugs. Now  the news on the E-commerce industry. Internet Retailer predicts a 25% increase in online retailing in 2015. The Asia-Pacific Market is fueling this increase. If you have a U.S. based online shop, now is the time to think of the right marketing strategy to find these customers. I am teaching an E-commerce class in Los Angeles and San Francisco the last two weeks in Sept. Email me for more details.

If you are interested in one of my blogging seminars, just shoot me an email here.

I have been asked about hosting solutions by many people. Here are my recommendations:

I host over 20 client domains on Hostgator. They also provide registration like GoDaddy. I like their Control Panel as it is easier to manage than Godaddy. GoDaddy is great for registering domains. Their hosting services is okay. Support is great but getting inside your account is complicated.I like to be able to install WordPress CMS in as few steps as possible. T recommend either Hostgator or A Small Orange .