Who I Am & How I Got Here

Before I was a WordPress developer, I was a professional photographer, a freelance journalist, and architectural designer. I have lived many lives in the past and in the future. I had a successful architectural design practice before I jump back intovthe web. I had always dabbled with pixels and code. I built my career around Photoshop and Autocad. Now my life is shaped by WordPress and I thank Matt and his co-founder for getting me involved in WordPress.

How I got caught in the WordPress fever :

When I lived in San Diego, my roomies were mostly Indian programmers who taught me some html, css, javascript, and C+++. Just reading through their massive piles of books gave me headaches. Then I discovered WordPress after giving up on Joomla and Drupal. I learn by trial, error, observation and my old buddy, the internet. As time went on, I got more practice and more experience, and now I’ve become a popular WordPress instructor. I have learned to develop a unique teaching style so all my beginner students would progress in learning WordPress. I love to see my students progress in their learning curve and succeed in building a clean and SEO friendly website.

California Surfing Pic 1200 x 550
When I’m not browsing the web, I surf when I can.