Yvette Tam WordPress Training – Oct. 20 & 22, 2015

WordPress Part 1 – Oct. 20, Tues – All Day. Start 9 am.

Meeting Place :
Jebena’s Cafe
990 Polk St
San Francisco, CA 94109
b/t Myrtle St & Geary St

Introduction to WordPress –

1) Learning the language of web development – HTML, CSS, PHP, sql
2) How websites are created – Domains & Hostings
3) Different types of hosting. Depends on whether its a blog, a business site,
an ecommerce site, a forum or Social Media Site
4) Installing WordPress on a Hosting Account ( web server )

Afternoon Session – Tuesday

1) Learning the language of WordPress – widgets, plugins, hyperlinks
2) Anatomy of a WordPress Site – Header, Content, Sidebar, Footer
3) WordPress content creation using pages & posts ( categories )
4) Organizing content using the Menu system of different WP themes.
5) Understanding how Widgets & Plugins works
6) Working with the existing template called LMS and learning how to modify the theme

We will be practing on your existing WordPress site

WordPress Part 2  – Oct. 22, Thurs – All Day WP Bootcamp Start 9 am.

Thurs  is a review of what you learn on Thursday. \

In addition we will have a 2 hour intro into HTML & CSS Basics.

1) WordPress Navigation Basics – Creating Pages, Categories, & Posts

2) Using the menu system versus page system – Navigation tips & visual layout
3) The power of tags in posts for SEO & Google searches.
4) WordPress categories versus wordpress tags .
5) The Power of Widgets – Modifying the look of your site using these amazing tools.<
6) Selecting templates to create the feel and look for your website brand.
7) Installing images & graphics – Visual layout & html technique
8)WordPress Plugins – Make your site dynamic with the power of Plugins.
The top 12 plugins must have for your WordPress site.
9) Using Pixlr express ( free online photo editor ) instead of Photoshop to edit & resize photos.
10) Contact form plugins like Fast Secure Contact. Create unlimited forms to generate
more sales and business for your website.
11) SEO Basics for WordPress – Using dates, slugs, and settings menu

12) Working with shortcodes to make your pages attractive and user friendly for browsing

A. Tabs and Accordion Shortcodes – cuts down on scrolling for user.

B.  Columns shortcode