Landing Page Fundamentals & WordPress Basics Crash Course for Andrew

Date : Dec. 8, 2015, Tuesday. All day private
Location : Somewhere in LA
Workshop Fee ; $ 350 per person ( includes free WP demo site )

Learn how to use landing pages for higher converting campaigns

Learn the fundamentals of creating Landing Pages using WordPress. This One-day WordPress basics
for beginners and Landing Page fundamentals are great for agency people, startups, and even WP developers.I will be cover the following topics.

blogging for profit
Blog for profit seminar with Elle

WordPress Topics

  • WordPress terminologies – html, css, database, sql, widgets
  • Anatomy of a WordPress Site – Header, Content, Sidebar, Footer
  • WordPress – Creating Pages, Categories, & Posts
  • Navigation Basics using the menu system versus page system – Navigation tips & visual layout
  • The power of tags & slugs in posts & pages for SEO & Google searches.
  • WordPress categories versus wordpress tags .
  • The Power of Widgets – Modifying the look of your site using these amazing tools.<
  • Selecting WP templates or themes to create the feel and look for your website brand.
  • Installing images & graphics – Visual layout & html technique
  • WordPress Plugins – Make your site dynamic with the power of Plugins. The top plugins for creating Killer Landing Pages inside your WordPress site.
  • Using WordPress shortcodes. Code less. Focus more on content
  • Using Pixlr express ( free online photo editor ) instead of Photoshop to edit & resize photos.
  • Contact form plugins like Fast Secure Contact. Create unlimited forms to generate
    more sales and business for your website. What plugins works best for a landing page

Landing Page Fundamentals

  • What is landing page ?
  • Landing page terminologies – lead capture, sales funnel, message match
  • Uses for landing pages
  • Creating a lead generation landing page
  • Creating click through landing page
  • Dedicated landing pages vs. homepages
  • What is a message match ?

We will talk about 2 case studies using lead generation and sales funnel.

Landing pages should have all navigation and extra links removed
so there is only a single action for your visitors to take. Click your call-to-action.

page lanes
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Resources for Landing Page Workshop

Samples of killer landing pages


the most amazing landing page with killer graphics and useful content


Wireframing a Landing Page

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