Manhattan WordPress 1-Day Bootcamp for NYSPCC Staff

Workshop Date : Dec. 28, 2016

Subject Matter : Maintenance and upkeep of NYSPCC.ORG site by staff members. To learn and apply the basics WordPress skills and knowledge to be able to maintain the site on their own.

Main Objective : The main goal here is for everyone to develop basic WordPress skills.


WordPress Topics Covered :

1) WordPress Terminologies – MyQsl, PHP, DNS settings, Plugins, Widgets
2) WordPress Site Anatomy – Header, Content, Sidebars, Footer,
3) WordPress Navigation Basics – Creating Pages, Categories, & Posts
4) Using the menu system versus page system – Navigation tips & visual layout
5) Mastering the WordPress Dashboard – Locating themes, plugins, widgets
6) Using the customizer function to add & move WordPress conent
7) The Power of Widgets – Modifying the look of your site using these amazing tools.
8) Page and post layout with text, graphics, & video
9) SEO Basics for WordPress – Slugs, tags, Site title, Tagline[/one_half]

We will talk about Shortcodes and what their main purpose is in WordPress.

We will talk about the Plugins use in the non-profit site.

Sample of a page with Accordion Shortcodes

See an accordion demo in actions