Blogging with WordPress 2- Day Crash Course for Beginners

Is blogging still profitable in 2022? Yes! Blogging is absolutely still relevant in 2022. In fact, roughly 409 million internet users read about 20 billion blog pages monthly. This is why 53% of marketers prioritize blogging as their primary content marketing strategy. Come attend my Blogging for Profit Crash Course for Beginners This is a … Read more

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WordPress Consultation- $175 First click on make payment box, then click on Paypal button and you will be directed to Paypal payments. It accepts both debit and credit cards. Thank you.

WordPress 101 – 4-Part WordPress Basics Online Training

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Welcome to my WordPress Online webinars. I will be teaching this one-on-one ( or group session ) with anyone wanting to learning WordPress starting from the beginning. I structured these online WordPress webinars for 2 hour sessions. There are a total of 4 sessions. You can one or two sessions a day although I highly … Read more

What are Gutenberg Blocks ?

Blocks are pieces of content that you insert onto your WordPress post or page. Learn about the many different kinds of blocks below. Read from the source. Text Paragraph List Heading Subhead Table Button Classic Block Text Columns Paragraph List Heading Subhead Table Button Classic Block Text Columns Quotes Quote Pullquote Verse Code Code Preformatted … Read more

Working with the Newspaper Theme by TagDiv

I found your amazing WP theme and my client loves the design. The laptop looks great but we are having problems with the design of the hamburger menu. I am using the latest version of newspaper on our production site. Here is the web page link to a mobile vertical and horizontal view using … Read more